Sound Innenwelt By Spiritual Euthanasia Club 

Video Gabe Loughney


For this collection we explored the idea of printing garments with time. The act of doing this created a collection of garments that reflects the true wearer in that moment. The moment is then frozen in time through printing on the garments.

Because time is a shared concept, the video presentation allows the audience to participate in the process. In this presentation you can watch the garments change into their final form starting from a yellow color that gradually transitions to a green, blue and then dark blue/ grey color, before they are finalized by being washed in the lake water.

We experimented with a few different methods of printing with the same process. The first concept explores printing through wear. This method is a performative act, which utilizes the models as they wear the garments painted that are with photosensitive emulsion which creates the print. The print is contingent upon how the garment is worn and which areas of the garment are exposed to the sun. The stacking and creases transforms the garment into a sculpture created by the human form with time.

The second process we used was to create prints on the human form with objects. This can be seen in the botanical prints used. These prints represent connecting these garments and the wearer with the natural world.

The third method we used was creating prints with the body, leaving a negative space print of the human form onto the piece. All of these methods freeze the models actions and embed them into the garments, bringing a true connection of the individual wearer, with the garment they are featured in. We focused on bringing together the models and the natural world into the forefront of the creative process of this collection.

The final garments are all unique 1 of 1 pieces which are available for purchase allowing others to access these experiences and wear the moments and bodies frozen in time.